This is my contribution to the Extra Credits Game Jam #4 which can be found here.

GitHub Source Code

The game can either be played by yourself or with a friend too depending on how lonely you are.


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Hey, this looks neat but I'm not actually able to click the play button.

You'll need to make it fullscreen in the bottom right. Hope you enjoy it.

this is so great. I love the oncoming road treatment, looks great



Really like the concept and graphics but aesthetically I find the lens effect a little nauseating and couldn't play more than a few rounds. The shifting hue was also distracting on an otherwise focused experience. I'd have liked to see more scenarios where the cars being tied together had a positive effect as most of the time it simply led to more crashes and almost had me wishing they weren't connected at all. Having said that it was still fun while it lasted.

Thank you for the feedback and I do agree that having a scenario where the chain would be a positive aspect rather than just a negative would be a really interesting concept to try.


Like it, lense effect and slow flow creates special mood.

Thanks! I mainly went with the lens effect to make the road seem curved rather than just flat which looked rather mundane.


So road is actually straight and its all lense effect? Damn that cool

That's a very fun game to play with a friend! Thanks!

Thank you!